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UAQ Super Mix (UQSM) is the Ready Mix Concrete Division of MRM Group, the largest Group in Umm Al Quwain. UAQ Super Mix is a well organized and service oriented company situated in a convenient location at industrial No.1, Umm Al Thaoob, Umm Al Quwain. The concrete plant is fully automatic, from Liebherr, and has attached chiller and flake ice plant.

By bringing together the best equipments in the industry, technology, highest-quality raw materials, and innovative techniques in the business, UQSM has the ability to exceed the expectations of its customers through outstanding service, like no other company. The company offers specialty concrete mixes such as low permeability concrete, early strength concrete, light weight concrete, concrete with fibers; shrinkage reduced concrete, grout mixes etc., in addition to its full line of
standard mixes that are capable of meeting or exceeding the requirements of any customer.
'The On Time Quality Concrete Company'.
The environmental practices, the quality of our product, the punctuality of the deliveries and the quality of our employees makes UAQ Super Mix different from other companies. We are proud of our employees and treat every body fairly and listen every employ that has a suggestion. Due to the good atmosphere between the management and our employees, every employ in the company feel like they own the company. By keeping customers and employees at the center of its business, UQSM creates an exceptional atmosphere for all parties involved.

We have a competent safety programme which is an important issue for us. Our safety department is extremely active and keeps our safety records. Our aim is to keep the number of accidents at zero.

When the fate of a project, whether large or small, is on the line, UAQ Super mix is the trusted source to perform. It is part of the legacy of the MRM Group and it is at the very core of their reputation.

UAQ Super mix, the On-Time Quality Concrete Company, looks forward to providing quality concrete to your projects.

For information and placing orders call: 050 1628019

The second new Concrete Batching Plant, a memorable mile stone in Super Mix's successful track, has been inaugurated by the honourable Chief Executive Officer (MRM Group) Mr. Hamid Obaid on 10 th April 2009. The fully automatic Concrete Mixing Plant with advanced international technology developed by one of the pioneer Batching Plant manufacturer N.F.L.G. The multi-main machine mixing tower can produce concrete with a production capacity of 120 m 3 / hr.

The Concrete Batching Plant is having Silos, Chilled water Plant and Flake Ice Plant. We are having separate storage Silos for Cement (SRC, OPC), GGBS and Micro Silica for producing high quality durable concrete. The new batching plant will provide UAQ Super Mix an unrivalled upper hand in the industry.

UAQ Super Mix Ready Mix
Block No : 17, Plot 1 to 8, Sector 9,
Umm Al Quwain, United Arab Emirates
Tel : +971 50 1629919, Fax : +971 50 2694046
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