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   Emirates International Shipping Est.
Emirates International Shipping Est. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Umm Al Quwain Petroleum Company (UPCO), established in 1997 for the transportation of crude oil and ptroleum products. EISE owns, manages and operates a fleet of seven crude,product and bunkering vessels.

Our Fleets
Experts in transportation solutions for the global energy business.
Internationally recognized player, with a majority of vessels on international charters.
EISE provides end-to-end solutions in marine transportation, working jointly with clients to provide cost optimal and integrated sea logistics solutions.
End-to-end sea logistics provider.
As an end-to-end sea logistics provider, EISE serves customers across the value chain- from ‘rig to refinery-and beyond’; offering services in the areas of bulk transport, supply chain management and storage and distribution. We are global experts in the energy business, with over 10 years of oil-handling experience. Our fleet handles a daily average of eight million barrels of crude oil, 320,000 barrels of petroleum products.

EISE operates in three main business areas: First, our energy transportation group provides sea transportation management services to the global energy industry, including UAE, Iran, Indian oil companies and Middle East. We have long-standing relationships with all the major global oil companies and our tankers have been chartered to international oil majors like Shell, Adnatco and Texaco.

Second, EISE's integrated bulk/petroleum product transportation services group offers supply chain management services for the sea transportation of bulk and refined products. This group services crude, power, cement, fertiliser and petroleum companies in Middle East & Asia.

Third, to complete the integrated solutions chain, our crude oil and refined products handling and storage group provides storage and distribution services in UAQ. EISE, through a wholly owned subsidiary Oil company, owns port and terminal facilities to handle the receipt, storage and dispatch of crude oil and petroleum products in UAQ, UAE.

Emirates International Shipping Est.
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United Arab Emirates
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